Healthy Chicken Soup Recipe | How To Make Chicken Soup

Today, we are making a very nutritious recipe, ‘Chicken Soup’.

Come, let’s begin.First, I’m adding 250 gm chicken.I have taken chicken pieces along with the bone.Now, I’m adding some chopped vegetables.
Dice the potato into big pieces.Now, we’ll take a piece of carrot.
I have celery stocks that we will chop and add to the chicken.This will enhance the flavor Add 3-4 glasses of water.
Now, I’ll add some spices.
Some star anise and black pepper.Put the stove on.
Lastly, add some salt.Let this cook until 3 whistles.Three whistles have gone by, let’s switch the stove off.While the stock cools down, let’s saute the vegetables.To saute take some oil in the pan.The oil is hot enough, add a bay leaf.Cloves and peppercorns. Saute this for a while.Add finely chopped carrots. Finely chopped french beans.
Don’t overcook the vegetables, maintain their crunch.Now, add ginger garlic paste.Our vegetables have saute and our stock has cooled down, let’s strain it.The stock is strained.Now, I’m adding it to the vegetables. While the stock is boiling, let’s shred the chicken.
Shred the chicken, I’m using my hands, you can you a fork if you like.
The chicken is shredded, let’s add it to the soup.
Stir this.Now, let’s add some spring onions.This soup is very comforting, if you are ill or feeling low, it will lift your mood up.The Soup is ready, let’s serve it.Add some chopped coriander And some lemon juice.Our quick and easy Chicken Soup is ready.Try it and let us know how it turned out.
this recipe out and it was bomb! Finger-licking spicey!! Just what I craved for in the chilly monsoon season! Perfect thing to warm up & keep the flu at bay. Thankyou so much for this recipe. I also tried the doracake last time and that too was soo yumm, my sister was literally drooling over it. Tasted like a version of Doraemon pancake