Saffron In Details

The spices that are $4-5, Saffron was the only one that cost $18. The other spices filled the little container they were in but the saffron was in a thin glass tube inside the container. Iran is the world largest producer of saffron not bcz of cheap labou .it is beause of the climate of Iran which is acceptable for saffron But If You look at Kashmir Saffron Is way More Expensive and Require Hard Labour for Cultivation.

Arabs usually prefer using it with tea it tastes good.

Saffron is grown also in Greece. We call it Krókos Kozánis (κρόκος Κοζάνης). The name of the plant is krókos (κρόκος) cames from the Greek Mythology. The myth says one day God Hermes, who did discuss, was fatally injured, without wanting, his mortal friend Krókos. Hermes, unable to withstand the loss of his friend, decided to give him immortality. So he transformed Krókos lifeless body into a beautiful purple flower and his blood into three red spots in the heart of the flower. Nowadays is known as krókos Kozánis, because Kozani is the only area in Greece where it is growing. Aristotle at his treatise “Peri Chromatin” (On Colours) described how Greeks makes the red color for their acts by using saffron. The wall paintings of the Minoan period are testifying the large and frequent use in ancient Greek times. Particularly popular is the wall painting of the old Knossos, in 2000 BC, with a saffron-eater blue monkey. Well-known is also the wall painting in Santorini, in 16 century BC, which shows woman saffron farmers. Hippocrates was using saffron for at least 90 diseases such against cough, colds, stomach pains, uterine bleeding etc. Alexander the Great was using saffron to soothe the wounds after the battle. Later Greek Orthodox Church using saffron as one of the materials to make the Holy Myrrh. Nowadays after researches of General Chemistry of the Agricultural University of Athens and Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Biomoléculaire, U.F.R de Pharmacie (France) show that Greek saffron (krokos Kozanis) is among the best quality saffron in the world. As you see we, Greeks, have a great tradition with saffron and make me sense when you didn’t mention Greece as a place where saffron grows But Yet Kashmiri Saffron is best Them all.

saffron as a color doesn’t match with the India,s tricolor’s saffron color which is way more orange. I always thought saffron dye may have the color of irony clay….but turns out its not the case

A good example for how limited supply can increase the price of something to the high value, when the demand is growing. Also, the saffron makes the food to taste sweeter, the people are very keen on sweet things.